Small utils set built around Ramda

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Getting started

Ramdu has some goals:

  • To be lightweight
  • To use only pure functions with a general purpose
  • To export currified versions of all functions
  • To look like original Ramda as much as possible


Quick start

yarn add ramdu
# or
npm install ramdu


import * as RU from 'ramdu';
import { alwaysArray } from 'ramdu';
import alwaysArray from 'ramdu/alwaysArray';


const RU = require('ramdu');

What does include?

String functions

camelCase, Capitalize, deburr, ellipsizeā€¦, pascal-case, snake_case, UPPER_SNAKE_CASE, pad, padStart, padEnd, words

Keys transformation functions

renameKeys, evolveKeys, mapKeys

"is" functions

isNot, isNotEmpty, isNotNil, isEven, isOdd, isFalsy, isTruthy, isBetween, isNotBetween, propIsFalsy, propIsTruthy

Indexed functions

mapIndexed, filterIndexed, reduceIndexed

Path as dotted string functions

strAssocPath, strDissocPath, strHasPath, strLensPath, strNotHasPath, strPath, strPathEq, strPathNotEq, strPathNotSatisfies, strPathOr, strPathSatisfies

"defaultTo" functions

defaultToArray, defaultToFalse, defaultToObject, defaultToString, defaultToTrue, defaultToZero

"always" functions

alwaysArray, alwaysObject, alwaysString, alwaysZero

Argument functions

list, whenArgs, withEvolvedArgs

...and much more

Ramdu - Small utils set built around Ramda